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Business Courses: Online Home Businesses: Engage Visitors to Your Network Marketing Website

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Engage Visitors to Your Network Marketing Website

You have a network marketing business, and you have decided to create a WordPress website for your business. You have adopted a few traffic generation strategies, and they have begun to pay off, so you
are beginning to get a steady trickle of traffic to your website. Now what—basically, what do you do next? You have put these initial strategies in place, but what should your next steps be?

Unfortunately, little to no information exists online, that can offer you any assistance with your network marketing website. And if you don’t deal with your initial traffic the right way, you might as well kiss it goodbye forever, because they will lose interest and probably never return. Additionally, it will become more difficult for you to get any more traffic in the future.

What must you do, then, in order to keep this traffic interested? It will not convert right away; that is too much to expect. You need to keep gently prodding visitors to your site, in order to bring them to the point of conversion. You can do this by giving them the right kind of information. Give some thought to how they found you and decided to follow you.

What brought these people to your website in the first place? Perhaps they took this route – they thought they wanted a home business, they searched on a general search engine like Google, found your article or blog, read it, got impressed, clicked on the link and reached your website. Or maybe they found an ad of your network marketing opportunity somewhere and visited your site from there. Whatever route they took, one thing is clear – they were looking for information, and you provided it for them.

Now, you have to keep giving it to them. Use the tools of your Worpress website to communicate to them how they can make money through their network marketing business, what kind of money they can make, what kind of work they will have to put in, what the stakes are, and so on. People who are
considering a new kind of venture like to read as much about it as possible. If you are transparent about it, they will trust in your venture more and you can have a much better chance with them.

So, how do you give them this information, considering that you cannot put everything up on your webpages? Do what you can to provide a lot of information on your website. But give them the best information through newsletters, eBooks and such. This gives you a chance to build your list of warm leads, which should be one of your ultimate goals. You want them to opt‐in to your list. Once you have their emails, you could follow‐up with them through other methods such as informative emails, which could really boost your chances of having them become a part of your team.

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One comment

  1. Amazing Article. Thank you! Here’s another great idea:

    Give Your WordPress Website a Personality

    Just like each human being has a personality, so does every website. It might not be something you have ever considered, or put into words, but it is certainly the truth. Check out a website – any website – and you will find that it has a particular personality, or feel, to it. The personality could be over‐the‐top, humorous, somber, frivolous, thought‐provoking or even angering, but you will have to admit that every website has a personality. And, if people return to a particular website over and over again, that is in great measure because of the personality it exudes.

    Look at some of the personal websites of the distributors in your network marketing business, for example. Why are some of these websites more popular than others in the same business? Why do visitors create more comments on one particular site more than others? The reason lies in the personality of the website. The more popular website has an undeniable trait that can be seen clearly through its content. People like that, and that’s the reason they keep returning to the websites.

    So, is there a personality development process for websites too? Strange as it may sound, there actually is. You can very well create, and even improve, the personality of your website. In fact, this should be one of the primary things you are considering when you build your website using all the tools WordPress places at your disposal. When you think, “What colors do I want my website to have?” and “What do I want the overall look of my website to be?”, you must also consider, “What personality do I want my website to have?” You could make it humorous or serious; you could make it personal or impersonal – it all depends on the tone of the elements and features you are using on your website.

    You could have whatever personality you settle on for your website, but you will want to make sure that it works in tandem with the preferences of your target customer, as well as the culture of your network marketing business, and that you are comfortable with it. After all, you will have to bear the responsibility of maintaining and updating your website, or you will need to hire someone who will do it for you. Your website, and its personality, are a reflection on you and your business, so you want to be very aware of what message your website is communicating about you.

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