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Does Get Digital World Hire Affiliates?

YES! We pay:

45.00 per 6 month membership,

75.00 Per Lifetime signup,

and 12.00 Per Month Per Member!




Are These Downloads Safe?

Im Melvin, I was interested in downloading a free piece of software, but was unsure if it was safe.


Absolutely! We want our customers to have a pleasant experience when visiting this site. Each product is stored in a virus free cloud, and scanned twice daily for anything unsafe.

However you may occasionally receive a false positive

What is a “false positive”?

A false positive is an error in some evaluation process in which a condition tested for is mistakenly found to have been detected.


I tried to download a product  But I only received a text document. What Gives?

Thank you for your inquiry. All downloads are stored in Cloud.  Its affordable and allows us to offset our costs and offer better prices. Most importantly however, its secure. Scanned twice daily by Google.


Step One: Click the Blue Product Bar To Download The Product:


Step Two: Open The Text Document To Reveal Your Download Link,

Copy That Link:



Step Three: Past It Into Your Search bar and you will immediately be taken to your product!

Step Four: Download And Enjoy!


Hi I am Stacy. I see a few products that I’d like. But I am NOT interested in a membership. Do you sell these products individually?


No. We referr  individual Buyers to Our sister company who DOES. and they sell them dirt cheap: To buy anything individually   Go To :

Club Max SEO


Hello, I am William from Detroit, I have a question. I am a member. I downloaded a piece of software and it does not  work. What Can I do?

Hi William. Thank you for letting me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Each piece of software we post is tested beforehand. However, some software goes out of date. Systems change, etc.

Some of our software is duplicated, ie, Power Indexer pro, and another Ninja Indexer, and so on. Chances are there’s a similar version of what you are looking for.

Members, Pretty please: If you find a product that is not working correctly… please advise us.

We can try to update it, replace it with a better version, or delete it permanently from our site.

It is my number one goal to bring you QUALITY… NOT JUNK.

Let us know by submitting this simple form:


Hello. I am Tracy From Brooklyn NY.  I am a paying member.

I tried to download ” Stretch Mark Removal Remedies”  But it was something completely different. It was a plugin. What Gives??

Hello Tracy! Thank you for pointing this out.  This is all hand done, and , sorry to say, there may be an error from time to time. Just let us know. and we will fix it immediately. We will be more careful in the future.

We have put the proper files in place and it is fixed.  Thank you and encourage any tech issues to be reported so we can fix it.  Issue Fixed. 












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