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Weekly Contest & Winners


Weekly $500.00 Contest



Your  submissions must be completely authentic. Plagiarized content will be automatically deleted.  

Winners must agree to have a selfie  posted in the winners list below for seven (7) days. You Must Be a current member of Get Digital World & have an active PayPal account.

Toy will be notified by email and have 7 business days to claim your prize.

How Winners are picked: Each submission generates a number placed in a pool, where it collects submissions throughout the week.  1 lucky submission will be drawn Saturday and Announced Saturday Afternoon.


Upon receiving your winners notification, please send a photo of yourself for publication, and a valid paypal email address. Payments are completed Saturday night at midnight EST


This Weeks Contest Begins:


Monday May 7, 2018 12:00 AM EST Active Through  Friday May 11, 2018 11:59PM EST

Contest # 1  Recipes: Submit Your favorite Chili Recipe. Must be at least 80 words, authentic, and contain your email address. Enter Below

Contest #2  Finding Affiliate Marketers: Submit a brief paragraph on the best places to find affiliate marketers, the benefits and the risks involved. Submission must be a minimum of 100 words. Enter Below

Next Contest: Unknown 




Recent  Winners


William P New Rochelle, NY


Chance R  Boulder, CO

Recent Winners                                            Amount 

Charles B. Chicago IL                                                                                   $250

Donna W.  Jersey City NJ                                                                            $250

James R.  Orlando FL                                                                                   $500

ElJay R.  New Delhi India                                                                            $500

Abdullah R.  Brooklyn NY                                                                            $500

Bhashkar Y.    Nashville TN                                                                         $250

Gabriel S. Daytona Beach FL                                                                      $500

Susan W. Cleveland OH                                                                               $500

Deborah J. Des Moines IA                                                                           $500




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