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    Business Ideas #1: Author Your First Book With ZERO Experience: STEP 1

    Familiarizing Yourself With Get Digital World


    Step I


    This site is meant to be used on a desktop. While it may be mobile friendly, You will NOT be able to access products from a mobile phone, tablet etc.
    With that being said, Here is how you Use Get Digital World.
    Log into your Get Digital World Membership Account.



    Locate A Product, Click On The Blue Download Bar.



    A text Is Generated, with a code:


    Copy and paste the code into your browser, and your product will start downloading.

    Note: In a day and age of viruses, malware, and ransom ware, This process Protects ALL downloads from being infected. Get Digital World remains one of the safest sites on the net.


    With That said…


    Are you Ready To write Your first Book? 


    Let’s proceed To Step 2

    Collecting The Tools You’ll Need To Get Started…



    In This Part, we’ll discuss the tools you need to make your first book:

    1. A Get Digital World Membership
    2. A Standard version (even a trial version) of Photoshop.
    3. An eye catching Cover (included With Your Get Digital World Membership)
    4. Microsoft Word is strongly recommended, but there are free versions online such as,
      Google DOCS Or Textmaker
    5. You will need The content (words in the book) (Included in Your Get Digital World Membership).

    Can’t think of a catchy title? Just search Get Digital world For ” Catchy Title”.




    Well that’s It! You’ve Just got everything to make your book in under 10 Minutes! And for Under  $20.00.

    Want to go Deeper? Lets Head To Step 3


    Putting Your Book Together!


    Now That You’ve Collected everything you need, Lets Start putting Together A Bestseller!

    1. Think of an awesome eye catching title, based on the topic you’ve chosen.
      Or use the software to generate one for you.
  • Create an eye catching Cover… Don’t Worry! Its as simple as 123!

  • Have you installed your Photoshop trial version? and your Microsoft Word?

    If not do it now… Go ahead Ill wait…

    Open Your Get Digital World Product:

    Graphic Design

    (assuming this is what you’ve chosen)

    Not to worries, ALL downloads are FREE and included with your membership. So search around and find something you think your audience will really like.

    Open In PhotoShop:

    Simply Click! The wording to change it to what you want it to say.

    Finally, Save It To Your Desktop as a JPG

    Wow! You’ve Become A Graphics Expert In Under 10 Minutes!




    Next… Lets Put The Words Together. In Step 4 


    Putting The Words Together 

    Now, So far, You’ve Collected and installed your free trial version of Photoshop, installed your free version of Text Maker or Microsoft, Created an awesome title, and made an amazing Professionally designed Book Cover… Lets put this best seller together.

    1. Carefully go through the “Content & Articles” section and look for the topic you’re writing about. ( I’m Going to improvise and assume your going to write a book about “Health & Beauty”)
      There are literally Hundreds of topics to choose from.

    Okay, so “Health & Beauty” it is… lets get started.

    Pick Out Your Content for “Health & Beauty” and download it.

    Content Writing



    By now you should have your Microsoft word open, and a browser….

    1. Go Through the content and start organizing it as you feel fit.

    Note While we limit the number of memberships, Always check your content to see if someone else has used it already:

    Go to


    copy and paste chapter by chapter to ensure your putting together a Unique book.

    Should you find a chapter that WAS used, don’t worry. You can simply download, our

    Article spinner software:

    Software Download

    (we have several versions)

    1. As you go, chapter by chapter, check each chapter to make sure it’s authentic.
  • As you finish checking each chapter, copy it and paste it into your already opened Microsoft word.

  • Don’t forget to save.


    Now Let’s go to publishing …


    STEP 5

    Now That we’ve:

    made a title, Created a cover, collected the content, put that content together,

    Formatted that content, checked; chapter by chapter to ensure that it’s 100% unique, lets talk about

    Formatting & Publishing

    Go Ahead and open your Calibre Software and “Add Book”


    “Convert Book”

    Choose “ePub”, and finally “Okay”.

    Now Your Ready To Publish To Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing! Congratulations!

    Go Ahead and create an account and publish!

    But what about Apple iBooks? Google Play? Barnes & Noble?

    Formatting is next…

    Formatting can be tricky, so you have several options.

    Option 1. You can go “global ” and publish it on every digital platform on the globe and in paperback, or,

    Option 2 you can submit to a limited number of places, and make casual sales.

    I strongly recommend you take the course listed below. Because once you’ve published your book by learning, you can then offer it as a service to others who don’t know how to do it. Earning you Hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

    Check out these free courses at Get Digital World:


    eBooks Online


    Online Course







    I hope you enjoyed!

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    Make Money Online Ideas:Business Ideas # 2

    Open Your Own Logo Design Business in Just 10 Minutes!

    What You Need To Get Started:

    A Membership To Get Digital World
    A PayPal Account (to get paid)
    A Computer

    Software Download

    Logo Maker Software

    Compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10.
    200 Predefined Logo Templates.
    Immediate Download

    Make your Own Logo’s no paying silly prices for somebody else to make your Logo’s with this software you can design your own and the best thing you wont have to wait days to receive it, its available Instantly to download directly to your own PC.

    Advertise your new found talent on Craigslist, fiverr & More.

    However: Design Crown will probably pay more. They email you leads every day!

    Got Some Creativity?

    mix and match with other products such as:

    Graphic Design

    Its all Pre-Made! All you have to do is click copy & Paste!

    Graphic Design: Instant Graphic Tool Kits

    This Pack Of Internet Marketing Tools Will Make Your Project Look Awesome With Our Premium Graphics !

    There are 16 modules in this pack :

    – Module 6 – Badge
    – Module 7 – Web Button
    – Module 8 – Web Elements
    – Module 9 – Web Icon
    – Module 10 – Step Process Panels
    – Module 11 – Sales Funnel Template
    – Module 12 – Affiliate Invitation
    – Module 13 – Moneyback Guarantee
    – Module 14 – Headline Graphics
    – Module 15 – Hand Drawn Arrow
    – Module 16 – Header Graphics
    – Module 17 – Logo
    – Module 18 – Infographic Elements
    – Moduel 19 – Website Display Mockup
    – Module 20 – Motivational Quotes
    – Module 21 – Fonts


    New products are added daily, And we practically take your hand and help you every step of the way.

    Our goal is ALWAYS to help YOU! Succeed, save money and prosper.

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