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While there are literally HUNDREDS of ways to make money, I am Going to Outline here, Just a  few.

** This site is designed for the complete newbie. Advanced users, can go at your own pace**


But before I do, I want to give you a strong piece of advice.

Always do the very best for your customers. As I will always do for you.

When your job is done, Never leave a customer un-happy.

A Happy customer, will return. A Happy customer will refer friends.  People talk. 

Now… Lets get onto Making Money!

#1 Make Video Commercials For Local Businesses

But I’ve Never done this before, I can barely turn a computer On! 

Don’t Worry, We Did it for you!  If you can watch a video, you can do this!


We put the software:

Software Download
Software Download


And the Patterns All Together!

Moving Backgrounds
Moving Backgrounds


Moving Backgrounds
Moving Backgrounds


Moving Backgrounds
Moving Backgrounds













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