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eBook: SEO Strategies



eBook: SEO Strategies

There’s no doubt about it. Optimizing pages to satisfy search engines can be a tedious and demanding task. Not just initially, but throughout the duration of any website being live on the web.

Basically, your search engine optimization never ends.

You strive for high page rank. That can mean an actual score like the one Google assigns to individual web pages or merely a conceptual rating that provides your website with more search engine recognition and stature than other sites in your area of interest.

Either way, the goal is to make your website more popular, more visible, more important than all the competition.

You might not reach the top of the heap, but that’s where you have to aim in order to land anywhere near the top.

Not that you can’t reach the very top. You can. It’s just not necessary in order to reap all the benefits – at least, from a strictly search engine perspective.

Let’s face it. If you land in the top three positions (or even on the first page) of search results, you’ll most likely capture the same amount of traffic that the number one website enjoys. Maybe even more.

It all depends on your description. Or should we say, the description that a search engine displays in your listing – since meta description tags are rarely used anymore.

If your description more closely matches what a viewer is searching for, they’ll go to your website first. Regardless of what results position you happen to be in.

This ebook has more details …

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