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Graphic Design: Ecover Maniac Elite Part 3


Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Ecover Maniac Elite Part 3

Get 80 Extra Book Cover Templates, Full Developer’s Rights, PLUS More Premium Graphics !

This exclusive upgrade consists of 3 key profit boosters:

PROFIT-BOOSTER #1: Full Developer’s Rights

Imagine being able to take all these 60 bestelling book cover designs… and SELL it to online or offline clients for BIG PROFITS!

With full developer’s rights you’ll be able to use all of these fantastic cover graphics assets for your clients work. It gives immense opportunities to make money and it’s alone well worth the investment of this upgrade!

PROFIT-BOOSTER #2: 80 Extra Book Cover Templates

YES! You’ll get 80 blazing-hot, “bestseller quality” book cover templates to have even MORE selection! Inside you’ll get 40 fiction and 40 nonficiton book covers in various styles and niches making it the ULTIMATE PACKAGE!

The book covers again are easily editable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office. They are also 100% compatible with Amazon Kindle and could be used as ecovers on your site too

PROFIT-BOOSTER #3: 31 Extra Graphics Modules



Download “Ecover Maniac Elite Part 3” Download-Here-144.txt – Downloaded 1 time – 392 B







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