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Marketing: Copy Cash Secrets Video Series



Marketing: Copy Cash Secrets Video Series

The Copy Cash Secrets Training Course is a Step-By-Step Guide On How You Can Create Effective Sales Letters That Appeal To Your Customers’ Curiosity!

Learn how to construct attention-grabbing headlines that are able to motivate prospective clients to continue reading and increase the readership of your sales letter!

Highlight the features and the benefits of your product or service to show your clients how they can be useful to them as well as how they can solve their problem!

Create compelling call-to-action to persuade customers to make a purchase from you and possibly many more in the future!

Here’s What You’ll find In This Amazingly Simple Course:

Module 1: Headlines
Construct killer headlines with the successful “How To” formula which expresses the benefits of your product/services (double the benefits, double the power) and much more!

Module 2: Sub-headlines
The purpose of having sub-headlines. Is there more to sub-headlines than just an extension to headlines?

Techniques in writing sub-headlines for best results

Module 3: Writing Your Opener
Learn methods of writing alluring introductions – Emphasize benefits over features and much more!

Module 4: Address The Problem
Master different ways of how you can address the problem!
Identify the problem with a single problem word and immediately move into selling the solution and much more!

Module 5: Introduce The Solution
Find out what information should be included when introducing your product/service to customers.
Discover the differences between benefits and features to increase the number of sales and much more!

Module 6: Handling Objections
Tackle the 5 commonly known objections with effective ways to overcome them!
Address the necessary issues to potential buyers – so that they will lower their guard and hear you without any objections!

Module 7: How To Boost Your Sales
Why you should provide a money-back guarantee policy on your sales letter?

Module 8: Call To Action – Close The Sale
Learn 5 simple steps to write compelling Call-To-Action that can easily get visitors to click and much more!

Module 9: Ultimate Copy Formula
Find out what are the 4 ultimate formulas in writing a persuasive copy

Module 10: The Video Sales Formula
Key elements of a compelling video sales page.
Quick steps to producing a video sales letter template.
Easy ways to record your own video sales letter and much more!



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