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PHP Script: Data Manager PRO

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PHP Script

PHP Script: Data Manager PRO

Data Manager Pro is without a doubt, the most complete, extensive, robust and easy to use web based personal information management software designed for webmasters and business professionals who need fast, reliable and flexible information and management front-end to accumulate and access information at any given time from anywhere around the world effortlessly and efficiently.


“By Organizing Your Information, You Can Be Efficient…You Can Be Productive…You Can Be the Best of What You Can Be Right Now!”
Data Manager Pro keeps You Organized! Features and Benefits: What makes Data Manager Pro so unique is that it gives YOU the ability to create, organize and manage ANY type of Information that you want to easily have access to. NO Predefined prefabricated database with specified fields that limit you to what type of information you can input. With Data Manager Pro YOU can add what type of Information you want to manage.


Other Information Managers require you to fill out details that are pre-defined and Limit you to the information you can input. Data Manager Pro Allows You to Create your own categories.

Create Your own Features within each category to organize and manage the type of information that you want and need. Add/Edit/View/Delete and even instantly Modify categories and features you create. Incredibly Powerful Search Function that enables you to seek and find your data by any field or feature you create.
Easily move Category Features from one Category to another.



Download “Data Manager PRO” Download-Here-975.txt – Downloaded 1 time – 346 B


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