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Self Improvement: Functional Strength


Self Improvement

Self Improvement: Functional Strength

You don’t need to spend a fortune on gym memberships or equipment!

Become stronger and healthier today!

Introducing …. Functional Strength …..

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn Inside :

– How to get started regardless of what kind of shape you’re in today… This guide will give you EVERYTHING you need to build functional strength, even if you’ve never stepped foot into a gym in your life.
– Why functional strength will result in healthier, longer lasting results than any fad diets or fitness programs that focus on appearance.
– The difference between training for strength and training for size, and which one you should be focusing on …
– The 7 primal movements that are crucial to building functional strength are revealed…
– Why compound movements and big lifts are crucial to functional strength and how to do them

– 7 Step-by-step compound movements covered in depth that you can start using to build functional strength today!
– The right way to stretch to prevent energy and increase the effectiveness of your training… (most people do this ALL wrong)

– The most important functional strength training tools and how to use them…. (Kettlebells, Indian Club Training, Barefoot Running, and TRX)
– The simple gymnastic equipment you can buy instead of TRX that works just as well and will save you $200… Chapter 5 reveals something that everyone has that they use instead of weight… and in many cases, this is actually far more effective than any exercise equipment you could buy …
– Why grip strength is the cornerstone to any functional strength training program and how to improve yours… regardless of how strong or weak you are right now …
– Why going for a run or a jog is not the most effective way to get fit and gain strength… you’ll discover a step-by-step training method that is more effective at burning fat and more useful for general life …
– You’ve probably heard of CrossFit… What CrossFit is all about… why it’s controversial, and whether or not you should consider adding it to your functional strength training plan …
– In ins and outs of a lesser-known training program called Movnat, and why you might want to pay close attention to it …
– Stop failing at your diet plans… Why ditching the ice cream and cake for good might actually be ruining your chance at diet success… The diet that’s taught inside this program is easy to follow, and effective …
– In Chapter 11, you’ll get a step-by-step approach to creating a useful training program that will guarantee you meet your goals without burnout and stress… Strength training can be fun when you do it the RIGHT WAY… the functional strength way …
– And much more!




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