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Software Download: AmaSuite 3


Software Download

Software Download: AmaSuite 3

What is it all about?
AmaSuite is a selection of tools to help you research and create Amazon stores or websites. It includes 3 software tools, 1 WordPress plugin, professional video training and a host of bonuses.

In a short summary; this package will enable you to research keywords directly from Amazon, analyse and extract the top 100 Amazon products in several areas, find and extract products based on your criteria and allow you to easily add products to a WordPress blog.

Azon Keyword Generator
This tool extracts keywords directly from the Amazon onsite search. Enter a seed keyword phrase (e.g. Lawnmower) and you will get 1000’s of related keywords (e.g. lawnmower blades, lawnmower cover, petrol lawnmower) that can be used in various ways:
– Finding products
– Working out a category structure
– On site SEO
– Link building
– Optimizing content
– PPC marketing
This is a great way to research your stores mainly because it uses Amazon directly. For me the biggest use of this tool is in the “ideas” stage of finding a niche; I find it great for finding micro niches from a larger niche. It is also extremely useful for expanding existing stores.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer
With this tool you can extract the top 100 products from several key sections, with no input required. Use this as a starting point for finding a niche or as a way to populate a more generic store/website:
– Best Sellers
– Top Rated
– Hot New Releases
– Movers and Shakers
– Most Gifted
– Most Wished For
The quality of the products in your store is extremely important, so using this tool is important when you are populating. It is also another good way to find niches by analysing the current popular products. If you are running generic review style blogs then this is a quick way to find new products in any niche that you can create a new blog post on.

Azon Product Inspector
For me this is a brilliant tool for populating stores. As I mentioned above, using high quality products is extremely important for conversions and this tool is a great way to find exactly what you want. Enter a search term, a customer rating (e.g. minimum 4 stars), discount %, price etc. and you can export a list of ASINs.

Use this along with the new Add Products Queue feature in Fresh Store Builder v4 to populate your stores with only the best products.

AmaSync WordPress Plugin
This plugin allows you to import a list of products that will be added to your blog as individual blog posts. For Fresh Store Builder members there is not really any value here; the plugin doesn’t auto update the product details and doesn’t use a store format so you don’t take advantage of the 90 day cookie.

You could use this tool to start some blog posts and edit them to link back to your store, but I don’t recommend using it to promote products directly.

Amazon Videos
These training videos are where you will get the most value from this package. They are done by Chris Guthrie (who has made over $1,500,000 in sales through Amazon affiliate websites) and really professionally done.

On top of that they are high quality, downloadable and presented in a beautiful admin area.

However keep in mind that these methods are slightly different to an FSB store. Personally I prefer a store format, but either method is fine and will bring you success. Just remember to stick with one or the other, and as you are (most likely) an FSB member setting up a store will give you a lot more features and benefits.


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