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Software Download: Stealth Keyword Analyzer


Software Download

Software Download: Stealth Keyword Analyzer

Have you heard about Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer? This is the keyword research software review I promised you earlier today. If you don’t want to read because you already know what it does but still need a recommendation from a buyer and user then here it is: Buy it.

(I’m really sorry, this review should have been posted yesterday but I had plenty things going on at the same time. Review was written though but I wanted to add screenshots)

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

I would really wanted to do this a video a review but it’s been a while since my microphone is dead and I didn’t replace it. Anyway, I could show you how to use it, but the videos on the sales page do it just fine.

Plain simply, the software works, really. It delivers what it claims so regarding the functionality or technical question, there is nothing to say. I’ll tell you the ONLY problem I got which was solved by Alex Safie, the owner the same day I asked, and it was a Sunday…

But… How it works?

Well the principle behind Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer (SKCA for short), is quite simple. You enter your list of keyword that you just downloaded from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you hit start so it perform analysis on your keywords.

You should activate the Cost Per Click column, and select if you want broad, phrase or exact match. I always choose exact. You may need to be logged in to activate the CPC, I don’t remember. Anyway one you have your keyword list returned, download it as CSV (not CSV for Excel), and then import it into STKA. It will ask you if you want to import the Global or Local search count.

Once you hit start the software will check out the competition for each keyword according to several factors. These are explained in the bonus report called “Cutting Edge Keyword Research”, which contains even more tips to make your keyword selection even better and guarantees easy rankings.



Download “Software Download: Stealth Keyword Analyzer” Download-Here-112.txt – Downloaded 2 times – 522 B








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