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Starting A Blog: The Journey To Top Blogger


Starting A Blog

Starting A Blog: The Journey To Top Blogger

The Journey to Top Blogger – How to Become a Top Influencer With a Powerful, Influential Blog!
Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside :
– The process of choosing a niche and coming up with a brand.
– How to Hone in on a Smaller Niche
– The other thing you need to think about when you start coming up with the idea for your blog
– Creating Your Brand
– Creating Your Logo
– How you go about creating your top blog
– Creating Your Theme
– Top Plugins for Bloggers
– The differentiating factors that will help you to become a top blogger rather than just …a blogger
– Creating Content
– What you should be writing
– How will you fill your blog with interesting new posts and make sure that people want to keep reading?
– Becoming a successful vlogger
– Promoting Your Blog and Videos
– Sharing Your Posts
– Influencer Marketing and Guest Posting
– Profiting
– Blueprint to Turn Blogging Into a Highly Profitable Full-Time Job
– Plus, a whole lot more…


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