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The Lottery Black Book


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This Product was made in house.

New Freshly produced and with full resell, re-branding rights to you.

Chapters Include:

Pick 3
Gamblers vs. Players
Lottery Pick three and Pick four
Pick Three Wheel
Pick 4
Balance & Nature
Learning How To Produce A Winning Ticket
Genoese Format
How to win your Pick-6 Lottery game
Why we tend to win/ Why we tend to lose?
Hot Average Cold Numbers
The “Single Ticket” Idea
How to Eliminate Certain Numbers
Making Combinations
Economy System
A Beginner’s Guide to Examining a Wheel
Arithmetic of Lottery Statistical distribution
Delta Lottery Range Reduction
Decade Reduction Strategy
Cash Management Systems
Scientific Discipline Of Gambling Winners and Losers
Using Good Judgment
Top ten Myths regarding Lottery (and why they’re not true)
Additional Resources

Download individually

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