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Website Builder: WYSIWYG Web Builder: 10.4.1


Website Builder

Website Builder: WYSIWYG Web Builder: 10.4.1

compelling website maker software to design latest technology websites compatible with Google SEO guidelines such as to create a mobile-friendly site that fits all media screen sizes. It’s based on (What You See Is What You Get);i.e, to create web pages using drag-and-drop elements and get immediate results. You can preview your site before uploading it to an FTP server. The program is not only easy to use but also offers powerful options to create amazing websites in various categories such as E-Commerce, Blog, Shopping site, Magazine, Software website, etc.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.4.1 Key Features:

WYSIWYG simply means that the created element in the page will be exactly equal to the form in which they were designed. The program generates HTML tags in background source code, you can edit these HTML tags by renaming class and ID names, add inline CSS and Javascript or PHP scripts to create dynamic websites, otherwise, no web-development language is required by beginner users. It works as a powerful content management system or online administration panel allows you to edit, create master page, add, copy or delete web-pages.

With WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.4.1 , one can build a responsive website in HTML-5 and CSS-3 only by using your mouse to drag image, button, text-area, links, Flash Video, HTML text, titles, etc. You can also choose from the pre-designed stylish templates in different fields such as sport, travel, science, computer, celebrity, music, wedding, culture and many more. WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.4.1 has support for external editor plug-ins including CLEditor, CKEditor and TinyMCE.


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