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WordPress Plugins: Cloud Save It Plugin


WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins: Cloud Save It Plugin

Cut Down On Support Tickets And Make Downloading Your Free Reports And Products Easier And More Convenient Than Ever Before!

Cloud Save It Improves Customer Experience And Leaves Your Readers With A Positive Impression Of You And Your Business !

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier.

The idea is simple: Give readers a way to automatically download your product right into their cloud storage solution of choice. No browsing for the right folder. No wondering later where the file was saved. No contacting support later for a replacement.

Just a one-click download to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so she’ll know exactly where the file is. Even better, she’ll be able to access it from anywhere.

And it’s all so simple to use, you’ll wonder why no one’s created this plugin before now!

Give Your Readers Better Options With This Easy-To-Install And Configure Plugin Cloud Save It offers a complete solution with :

  • Fast, simple installation – just upload right through your WordPress dashboard and you’ll be running in no time !
  • Quick Dropbox integration – easy-to-follow instructions let you create the required key – no experience necessary !
  • Single-page settings ensures super fast setup – even if you’re a complete technophobe!
  • Amazon S3 integration even lets you store your downloads securely on their servers.
  • Offer customers the choice to instantly save files to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Create links right in your WordPress editor for maximum convenience.
  • Shortcode commands mean you never have to fiddle with cryptic javascript or other unreadable code.
  • Create download links from any server – your website host, Amazon, or any other file server you have access to.
  • Protect your Amazon files to help prevent unauthorized downloads – perfect to prevent sharing of links for paid products!



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