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WordPress Plugins: HTML Exporter Plugin


WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins: HTML Exporter Plugin

The HTML Exporter plugin is incredibly useful, way more useful than you might at first think.

It allows you to save WordPress pages or posts as static HTML.

As a copywriter, you could use a web page building tool for WordPress such as Optimise Press to create a sales page for a client within WordPress. Then export it as HTML and send it to them fully done.

As a consultant / web designer, you could send the HTML files (which would open in the receiver’s browser) to your clients to show site progress without having to publish pages of a not-yet-ready site.

As the owner of a WP membership site your sales page could be less integrated with WordPress itself, so no need to install a pile of unnecessary plugins if you have multiple sites. That means is there’s no need to buy multi-site licences for plugins or themes that allow you to create sales pages and membership sites. That’s a BIG money saver when looking at some of the expensive products out there.

As aconsultant / web designer, you could create a one page site in WordPress for an offline bricks and mortar business, containing contact details, opening times, and what they did.



Download “HTML Exporter Plugin” Download-Here-694.txt – Downloaded 0 times – 359 B


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