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WordPress Plugins: Sticky Profit Builder


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WordPress Plugins: Sticky Profit Builder

More is better. Most of the time. Unless you don’t know how to get more.

Or more is actually more work and doing more with less is a better option.

Unless you can do more and more with less at the same time…

Yes, that’s the one: more is better, but doing more with less is even better.

How do you do more (conversions, leads, sales) with less (website traffic)?

Convert your existing website traffic better.

Traffic conversion can be a very complex, but very worth exploring subject. To convert your existing traffic better, you can:

set up split tests to see what design tweaks might make a difference to your conversions;
check out heat maps of your site to see where your readers are clicking and where they aren’t;
use Google InPage analytics;
split test your Aweber forms to see which one converts better;
hire an agency to do all of the above.
Or you can do what I did – get a good traffic conversion plugin to help you to increase your conversions right now, without the cost of time or money.

Don’t get me wrong: Sticky Profit Builder, the plugin I’ve been testing at Traffic Generation Café to increase my conversions, is not a substitute for an in-depth split testing, tweaking, adjusting, testing, adjusting, testing…

However, since most of us won’t be doing the required adjusting, testing, tweaking any time soon, Sticky Profit Builder just might be what we need.





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