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WordPress Plugins: WP Backup Plus


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WordPress Plugins: WP Backup Plus

What is WP Backup Plus?

WP Backup Plus is a unique solution for WordPress that every single WP user needs
Using WordPress is awesome until:
You Get hacked
You or a user make a change that messes up your sites
Your server is injected with viruses
Guess what, not only do these things happen, they are bound to happen to you eventually if they haven’t already. It’s more common than you think.

The Solution Of WP Backup Plus?

Instant full restore of any WordPress website you use at any time for any reason that’s stored on a remote server.
This is the only 100% proven way to protect yourself and your clients.
So… I went to work looking around for any plugin that could do this for me, free or paid.
I searched and searched and tested and tested.
There was never a solution for my needs. Either the solutions didn’t offer full scheduled backups or it was way too expensive a solution.
So, I went and developed my own backup plugin that does exactly what I need it to based on my experiences of being hacked and virus ridden multiple times, perhaps you have experienced this as well… if not, it’s very likely you will within just the next few months. WordPress is just full of holes and there’s no fool proof way a hacker can’t get in. I know because I’ve talked to hackers about just this!



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