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WordPress Plugins: WP Clicks


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WordPress Plugins: WP Clicks

WP Clicks Plugin – **A Spying Plugin**

Welcome to our video review of WP Clicks Plugin – Which Is A “spying” plugin Created for WordPress Sites!

WP Clicks is a plugin whereby you will be able to watch LIVE Real-Time Video Recordings of your visitors interacting with your WordPress Sites!

You therefore will be able to increase sales, signups and conversions by 150% with this Breakthrough Technology.

The Advanced Covert Spying Features – Will Boost Your Conversions and explode your list along with skyrocketing your profits.

You can actually watch what your visitors are doing while they are on your website.

When you click the play icon in the dashboard the video will play and you will be able to see exactly what your visitors were doing while they were on the site.

You can see exactly what they were looking for and what they clicked on while they were visiting your site. The power this gives you is phenomenal! Just knowing exactly what your website visitors are looking at and what they are doing on your website is amazing!

You will learn exactly what they are curious about and exactly what they click on which is like being able to read the minds of your prospects – and customers.

If you have ever had questions about how people are using your website, they will be answered now as you can watch them!

You can make decisions of what you need to put more of on your website, what you need to have less of and where the optimal place to put new links might be.

The possibilities are endless and it is unbelievable that you can watch your visitors in real time.

Create Campaigns And Track Actions!

And much more.


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