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WordPress Plugins: WP FlexiWidget Plugin


WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins: WP FlexiWidget Plugin

Have You Ever Wanted To Create & Insert A Custom Widget Into The Body Of The Posts Or Pages On Your Site ?

With This Brand New Plugin, Now You Can Do Just That And So Much More !

If you’re a WordPress user, then today I have something that will save you a ton of time AND you can get really creative with it too. But before I dive into this, let me just ask you a quick question !

What if you could create different widget presets and insert them into the MAIN BODY of any post or page ?

Think of all of the ways this could save you time.

Well… now there IS a solution for this, and it couldn’t be more simplified for you…

Introducing – WP FlexiWidget Plugin – Insert ANY WIDGET Into Any POST or PAGE, Not Just In The Sidebars !

  • With WP FlexiWidget, you can easily create as many widgets as you’d like and using a menu on your post / page editor, easily insert any of the widgets into the main content of your post – AT FULL WIDTH.

  • This means that you can create widgets for images, text blurbs, certain scripts, and even commonly used features on your WordPress website. And they will display on the main section of your post, rather than in the sidebar like they usually do.

  • You can then easily recall them in any page or post that you create, as many times as you’d like, using the built-in short code.

  • The possibilities are limitless with this plugin. You can save time and get extremely creative with the functionality of this product.

  • The best part is: this plugin is easy to install and will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress installation and work space.

  • You can add your widgets to old posts and new pages alike because FlexiWidget incorporates itself into the panel of your editor.

  • Every widget that you create has a space to add a custom name, so that you can effortlessly remember what each widget contains. That way you don’t have to go back and forth between sections of the WordPress dashboard.

  • Using the built-in option on the editor bar (where you can change your font settings), you’ll be able to choose your widget from a drop down menu and then insert it anywhere into your post.





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